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We currently help property owners reduce their Hotel Property Taxes in U.S. & Canada!

The O’Connor Approach

Is a major breakthrough for the Hotel Industry!

Reducing Hotel Property Taxes for more then ever before!

  • Yes, O’Connor CAN help you reduce your property taxes
  • Yes – there is NEVER a fee unless we reduce your property taxes
  • Yes – O’Connor has 1,000+ Professionals worldwide, representing 350,000+ Properties including 6,000+ Hotels in 48 States.

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The O’Connor Approach

O’Connor acquires and collects ADR, Occupancy, RevPAR and Franchise Fees data from major publications, hotel associations and franchisors from every region. The incremental increase in revenus associated with the flag is electronically calculated. After deducting franchise fees, the Net Gain intangible business value to be deducted from revenue to lower property taxes. The O’Connor Approach is copyright protected, used exclusively by P’Connor.

_Understand The Law!

Intangible Value associated with a Hotel’s flag is EXEMPT from Ad Valorem Taxation in every state!

_Total Market Value Vs Taxable Market Value

The O’Connor Approach calculates and removes the non-taxable components from market value, which can result in drastic hotel property tax reductions!

O’Connor Hotel Property Tax Reduction Services

One stop for all 4 services

O’Connor has 1,000+ professionals worldwide, representing 350,000+ properties including 6000+ hotels aggressively pursuing multiple rounds of appeal.

O’Connor coordinates with reputable tax attorneys in your area to pursue judicial appeal after administrative appeal at no additional cost to you.

O’Connor coordinates with reputable appraisers to prepare appraisal reports and to serve as an expert witness at no additional cost to you.

Massive sales data is needed to challenge the Tax Assessor who are using high sales to justify their values. O’Connor provides the most updated sales data to appraisers nationwide to assure you are not being valued higher than comparable properties in your area.

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