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Commercial Property Tax Reduction Experts

You Pay nothing unless we save you money on your property taxes! Property Tax Assessors apply mass appraisal methodology using a computerized model to set a preliminary value. The multiple rounds of an appeal process are setup to allow you to correct their mistakes until the value is certified. You will not be penalized for filing an appeal. This means there is nothing to lose and no risk to you.

You pay nothing unless we save you Property tax!

The Powerful Alliance of O’Connor

One Stop For All 4 Services

Property tax consultant
Experienced Property Tax Consultant

O’Connor Consultants are licensed and trained professionals who specialize in commercial property representation. They leverage their industry knowledge and experience to deliver customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of each client. Working closely with property owners and CPAs, they carefully review all financial documents to identify opportunities for Property tax savings.

Property tax assessors
Attorney (Experienced in Property Tax)

O’Connor coordinates with reputable property tax attorneys in every state to provide expertise in local legal matters and filing lawsuits. Our experienced consultants participate and assist the attorneys throughout the entire process. This allows us to offer our clients access to well-established relationships with the Property Tax Assessors.

O'Connor property taxes
Appraiser (Experienced in Intangibles)

O’Connor coordinates with a team of highly skilled appraisers across the United States who can provide expert witness testimony when needed. These appraisers are highly proficient in their respective fields and can supply precise and dependable reports that can be used in court if required. This service is particularly relevant

Property tax appeal
Data Resources (Sales, Values, RevPAR)

If you’re challenging the property tax assessor’s valuation, you’ll need extensive data on sales and comparable property values. O’Connor has over 1000+ professionals worldwide conducting extensive research and development to provide the most comprehensive evidence at property tax appeal hearings to achieve.

Multiple approaches are used when evaluating your property

Cost Approach

Cost Approach is considered most applicable for commercial real estate appraisals for relatively new properties and special-use properties. Commercial real estate appraisers are less likely to use the cost approach for older properties due to the difficulty of precisely calculating the amount of depreciation.

Income Approach

O’Connor works closely with you and/or your CPA or financial/Property tax manager to collect existing data and documents regarding the subject property. These financials play a key role in our ability to effectively perform the services.

Sales Comparison Approach

O’Connor will file an appeal on your behalf. During this process your consultant will begin to prepare a detailed evidence package to present at the time of your hearing. If evidence supports a further reduction, we will continue the protest by coordinating a lawsuit against the appraisal district – on a contingency fee basis, up until trial phase.

Uniform & Equal Approach

Most states’ property tax code requires property tax assessors to value similar properties equally and uniformly. When income is too high and lower sales comps are unfound, the U & E is typically giving you the strongest argument. To effectively present this argument, you will need access to massive local valuation data to compare similar types of properties near you.

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